When did I start making art?


I don’t remember when I starting drawing. I don’t remember a time when I did not draw. My Uncle Donald had a printing company and saved all the ends and bits of paper making them into tablets so that I from an early age had a ready supply of paper.

My drawings were based on cartoon characters I saw in the Sunday “funny paper” and the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. I told stories through my drawings and entertained myself allowing my imagination to exercise itself freely. In school my abilities gained me attention and I volunteered to use my abilities for bulletin boards, decorations and posters.

I drew illustrations for publication for my professors in college and for every subsequent job I held somewhere somehow my desire to use my creativity always came to light.

When I found watercolor I thought I had met my match, but I was determined to find a way to “figure out” that medium. Today I am in five physical galleries – Twigs and Leaves in Waynesville , N.C. https://www.twigsandleaves.com, Woodlands Gallery in Hendersonville, N.C. https://www.woodlandsgallerync.com, Tsartistry Gallery in Franklin, N.C. https://www.tsartistry.com , Loblolly Arts in Seneca, S.C. https://www.loblollyarts.com and Gallery 1 in Sylva, N.C.

I am a signature member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, a member of the Georgia Watercolor Society and the Southern Watercolor Society. I teach workshops and love to talk painting with anyone who is willing. So the moral to this story is – keep trying. I love what I do. I hope you can see that in my work.

2 thoughts on “When did I start making art?

    1. I have done a few paintings of the Caldwell House. I have not posted them on the website since I transferred it to WordPress. I have sold a few of them – I think I have one left that is a vignette. Thanks for asking.


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